Our plan to keep cutting climate pollution this decade: How we’ll power ourselves

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The Climate Council has a plan that spells out how we can electrify the nation and cut climate pollution by 75% this decade. The plan shows how we can build on the momentum we’ve already created to ensure Australia has a clean economy powered by the sun and wind, set up our communities and kids for success, and get on a path to end climate pollution.

Powering ourselves with renewable energy backed by storage.

Today, Australia’s electricity sector produces climate pollution by burning coal, oil and gas to generate just over half of our electricity. But by 2030, renewable energy like wind and solar can meet almost all of our electricity needs with energy storage, like batteries, making clean energy  available around the clock.

Where are we at?

The transformation of Australia’s electricity system is well underway, with: 

Electricity in 2024:Pollutes 139 Mt CO2e (expected 2024 emissions)Makes up 30% of national emissionsReduced its climate pollution by 29% since 2005

What else can we do? 

Many more Australian families can save money with rooftop solar, backed by batteries and large-scale renewable projects, so we power Australia with 94% renewable energy and slash climate pollution.

Generate and store more power in Australian communities and homes:

Continue to power up clean, abundant and affordable electricity:

With replacements in place, end coal power generation and start phasing out gas:

By powering ourselves with clean energy, we can eliminate almost all climate pollution caused by burning coal, oil and gas to generate electricity by the end of the decade.

Find out more about each section of our plan:

How we’ll get around

How we’ll make things

How we’ll build things

How we’ll care for our land

Help turn this plan into action!

Our plan shows how we can cut climate pollution three times faster than current government plans each year to 2030.

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