Our plan to keep cutting climate pollution this decade: How we’ll make things

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The Climate Council has a plan that spells out how we can electrify the nation and cut climate pollution by 75% this decade. The plan shows how we can build on the momentum we’ve already created to ensure Australia has a clean economy powered by the sun and wind, set up our communities and kids for success, and get on a path to end climate pollution. 

Coal, oil and gas are used as a fuel, a heat source and a feedstock in manufacturing and industrial production. Mining fossil fuels also releases polluting gases – referred to as fugitive emissions. With smart investments to adapt existing industries and by capitalising on new mining and manufacturing opportunities, Australia can build an industrial base fit for the 21st century. 

Where are we at? 

The way we make things and mine resources is responsible for more than one third of Australia’s climate pollution, so moving now to capitalise on zero-emission manufacturing is a pivotal national opportunity.

Industry in 2024:Pollutes: 164 Mt CO2e (expected 2024)Makes up: 36% of national emissionsIncreased its climate pollution by 18% since 2005

By electrifying industry, we can more than halve industrial climate pollution: from 164 Mt CO2e in 2024 to 75.4 Mt CO2e in 2030.

How we’ll change the fuels we use to power industry:

What else can we do?

Find out more about each section of our plan:

How we’ll power ourselves 

How we’ll get around

How we’ll build things

How we’ll care for our land

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Our plan shows how we can cut climate pollution three times faster than current government plans each year to 2030.

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