Our plan to keep cutting climate pollution this decade: How we’ll get around

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The Climate Council has a plan that spells out how we can electrify the nation and cut climate pollution by 75% this decade. The plan shows how we can build on the momentum we’ve already created to ensure Australia has a clean economy powered by the sun and wind, set up our communities and kids for success, and get on a path to end climate pollution. 

Under our plan, more of us will use shared, active and electrified ways of getting around and transporting goods, more often.

We move people and freight in lots of ways, including by road, rail, ship and plane. Unfortunately, whenever we burn fossil fuels (like petrol and diesel) to power cars, trucks, trains, planes or ships, we’re adding to climate pollution. Moving by shared, active and electric transport is a cleaner, healthier way of travelling from A to B. 

Where are we at? 

Transport in 2024:Pollutes 102 Mt CO2e (expected 2024)Makes up 22% of national emissionsIncreased its climate pollution by 24% since 2005

By shifting to shared, active and electrified transport, we can halve climate pollution in our transport sector, from 102 Mt CO2e in 2024 to 45.3 Mt CO2e in 2030.

What else can we do?

We can halve transport pollution by providing better travel options to people who live in our biggest cities, and by moving goods in ways that pollute less so we can all breathe easier.

Boost shared and active travel: 

Go electric: 

Electrify our passenger fleet so one-third of all passenger kilometres are travelled by electric vehicles by 2030, by prioritising the electrification of vehicles that travel the most, like taxis, rideshare vehicles and government fleets.

Shift the way we move freight: 

Find out more about each section of our plan:

How we’ll power ourselves 

How we’ll make things

How we’ll build things

How we’ll care for our land

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Our plan shows how we can cut climate pollution three times faster than current government plans each year to 2030.

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