Our plan to keep cutting climate pollution this decade: How we’ll care for our land

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The Climate Council has a plan that spells out how we can electrify the nation and cut climate pollution by 75% this decade. The plan shows how we can build on the momentum we’ve already created to ensure Australia has a clean economy powered by the sun and wind, set up our communities and kids for success, and get on a path to end climate pollution. 

Land, agriculture and waste are mostly biogenic sources of greenhouse gases, meaning they are created through the decomposition of organic materials. This includes emissions released from livestock, cropping, logging and clearing of land and forests, and the breakdown of waste in landfill. This calls for different solutions than phasing out fossil fuels. The land sector also stores these biogenic emissions as trees grow and land regenerates.  

Over this decade we can work towards sources and stores of pollution within these sectors balancing each other out. This is possible because neither comes from fossil fuels.

Where are we at? 

Raising animals for meat and dairy is the main source of agricultural emissions, and scalable solutions to reduce these are still emerging. While the land sector is a net carbon sink overall, it is also a source of greenhouse gases because of practices like logging and land clearing.

Expected 2024 emissionsShare of national emissionsChange in emissions since 2005
Where are we now?Agriculture: 80 Mt CO2e17.5%7% reduction
Land: -58 Mt CO2e-12.7%172% reduction
Waste: 13 Mt CO2e2.8%19% reduction

What else can we do?

Australia can keep farming, better protect our precious landscapes and restore our environment by ending native forest logging, reducing land clearing, and improving agriculture and waste practices. We can halve agricultural emissions and increase carbon stored in our land to balance those that remain.

To better care for our land, we must:

How can we do this?

Protect forests and restore more land:

Use all available and emerging solutions to cut agricultural emissions:

Improved collection and treatment of food and garden organic waste:

Find out more about each section of our plan:

How we’ll power ourselves 

How we’ll get around

How we’ll make things

How we’ll build things

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Our plan shows how we can cut climate pollution three times faster than current government plans each year to 2030.

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