WEBINAR: One Year On: From the ‘Climate Election’ to Climate action

09.06.23 By
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Over the past year, Australia has experienced a new era of federal climate action, with the Australian Labor Party (ALP) beginning to implement its election commitments. The Climate Council has been pushing hard to strengthen each policy and to build momentum for stronger future action.

But recently, we’ve seen coal mine approvals, the go-ahead for fracking in the Northern Territory, and not enough money in the budget for climate action. And despite hard-fought progress, the changes locked into our climate system due to decades of delay, of which Australia has been a large contributor, place our communities, ecosystems and species at risk. We need to act faster.

Catch up on this discussion with Senator David Pocock, Dr Jennifer Rayner and Dr Simon Bradshaw, facilitated by Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie.

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