Where can I go for mental health support? 

28.02.23 By
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Every Australian is being impacted by climate change. Whether we’ve paid exorbitant prices for produce at the supermarket, choked our way through bushfire smoke blanketing our communities, faced evacuations during dangerous extreme weather events or lost our homes in a bushfire or flood, life as we know it is being disrupted in many ways.

The ongoing emotional toll of climate change is affecting Australians in a number of ways.

The Climate Council recently conducted an extensive study to build a clearer picture of climate change’s impact on Australians’ mental health. It found more than 80% of Australians have experienced a disaster in the past five years. Of those, half said they’d experienced a mental health issue as a result. 

We’ve compiled some resources for extra support for those experiencing climate-induced mental health impacts. 

Beyond Blue supported the Climate Council to conduct part of our survey, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with traumatic events and looking after your mental health. Whether you’re seeking mental health information or qualified support for you or someone else. 

Pheonix Australia has many useful and insightful resources tailored to those who have experienced extreme weather disasters. We’ve listed some of the most relevant ones below.

Pyschology for a safe climate is an Australian not-for-profit organisation founded in Melbourne,] Australia, working to foster emotional engagement with climate change. Their purpose is to support people in facing the reality of the climate emergency. Their team aim to build people’s capacity to respond constructively to climate change by promoting and strengthening mental health and well-being.

Kids helpline has resources dedicated to helping children and young people who are feeling anxious about the state of the environment.

Headspace hosts resources for understanding anxiety about climate change.

Mental health first aid Australia conducts mental health first aid training courses for people in the community. We need more mental health literacy and support skills in the community to help catch more Australians experiencing mental health problems and troubled times. This is where Mental Health First Aid training can help.