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Calling Time

How to remove fossil fuel sponsorships from sport, arts and events

It’s time to #CallTime on fossil fuel sponsorships in Australia.

From flooded music festivals and concerts cancelled by bushfire threats, to extreme heat disrupting play at the cricket, climate change – driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas, is putting the sports, arts and events we love at risk.

Even in the midst of the climate crisis, giant fossil fuel companies like Woodside, Santos, Chevron and Glencore are greenwashing their image by sponsoring hundreds of Australian teams, arts institutions and community events.

No amount of cheerful corporate branding can cover up the fact that these companies are fuelling harmful climate change, and as the climate crisis worsens around us, it’s time for major sporting codes, arts bodies and event organisers to #CallTime, and end fossil fuel sponsorships for good.

Calling Time: How to Remove Fossil Fuel Sponsorships from Sports, Arts and Events is a voluntary code for organisations ready to lead industry efforts to combat climate change.

The Code includes:

  • Information and evidence about how climate change is upending Australian sports, arts and public events.
  • An explanation of fossil fuel greenwashing and how these major multinational corporations use our favourite teams and events to buy social licence.
  • A step-by-step guide to assessing current sponsorships and achieving alignment with community, stakeholder and fan expectations of your organisation.

Is your organisation ready to take action? Sign the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge!

Within the Code, you’ll also find the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge. CEOs and boards can sign the Pledge to join the growing wave of momentum away from fossil fuel sponsorships, and send a strong message to their members, fans and the Australian community, that they are serious about combating climate change.

The #CallTime campaign builds on important work from groups across the climate and environment movement, including: