Climate Council Annual Report 2020

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Despite what has been a challenging year, the Climate Council has continued to deliver on its mission to catalyse climate action. For many Australians, the Black Summer bushfire crisis was a turning point in accepting the urgent need to act on climate change and rapidly decrease emissions. Bushfires, drought and floods have been stark reminders of how climate change can intimately disrupt our daily lives. And that’s before adding a global pandemic to the mix.

However, despite these hurdles, we’ve seen the power of our community shine through under pressure: beacons of hope, strength and resilience. Together, we have ensured that the long term challenge of addressing climate change has remained on the nation’s radar.

Our 2020 Annual Report details our strategic interventions and major projects, providing a snapshot of our impact in the last twelve months.

The Climate Council continues to be Australia’s leading climate science communications organisation. This year alone we have secured more than 10,100 media items on climate change, renewable solutions and energy and grown our community of supporters to over 488,000.

Strategic Priorities

The Climate Council has focused on three strategic priorities:

  1. Ensuring that climate change remains at the top of the Australian agenda.
  2. Build a strong narrative on solutions to climate change, with particular focus on the economic benefits of implementing policies that increase employment and investment while also reducing emissions and restoring ecosystems.

  3. In the absence of federal action on climate change, empower everyday Australians, businesses, local councils, communities and state and territory governments with the tools and skills to enact change from the bottom up.

Thank you for supporting independent climate science research and communications. Thank you for standing with us shoulder to shoulder, as we knuckle down, and get on with making our vision a reality.

For more details about our achievements over the past year, please read our 2019-20 Annual Report.


Annual Report 2020