Climate Council Annual Report 2023

29.11.23 By

The climate crisis has intensified this year, underscoring the urgent need for emissions reductions. 

We have seen harrowing weather extremes across the world, and more records broken as the year progressed. But there is hope: with more nations and economic sectors bolstering their climate commitments. This renewed determination must absolutely propel a united global effort towards even more ambitious action.

Globally and in Australia, demand for climate solutions has reached unprecedented heights. When a new Federal Government came to power in 2022 with a clear mandate to fast-track climate action, the Climate Council refined its strategy in this new political context to identify how we could push for stronger climate action, while continuing to empower our community.

Together, we have exerted pressure on decision-makers and new political players to amplify climate ambition and action. Through expert reports, targeted advocacy and digital campaigns, shaping the national conversation on climate through a range of communications, and collaborating with a diverse array of organisations across the country, we have ensured that climate solutions remain at the forefront of both government and business agendas. This has played a pivotal role in helping to drive tangible policy changes.

Across our key goals – to grow the good, stop the bad and transform the landscape – our teams have been working hard to keep up the momentum for critical action. Throughout this report, you can read about how the switch to clean energy is already underway, and the race to the top on renewables and efficient all-electric households is gaining momentum. In terms of clean transport, we’ve worked hard to explain that we need to fundamentally transform the way you and I get around and have been pushing to unlock affordable electric vehicles for more  Australians. We’ve also launched a number of influential campaigns to make sure all Australians are aware that gas is dirty, unsafe and doesn’t belong in our homes. After the climate election of 2022, a lot has shifted in the media landscape, with climate change now clearly viewed as being in Australia’s national interest.

The Climate Council has significantly shaped the narrative on our issue via more than 37,000 media stories that amplify our messages. Through the Climate Media Centre, we have also empowered more than 150 new spokespeople this year to speak about climate impacts and action through media platforms. We have also spearheaded campaigns designed to clean up our transport system, electrify our households and stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

Our dedicated Councillors and researchers authored 19 influential reports on climate impacts and the benefits of rapid decarbonisation. These reports garnered significant attention and reached millions of Australians, solidifying our reputation as a trusted source of climate information.

Above all, we are thankful for our community, whose generosity and steadfast commitment has empowered our vital work over the past 10 years. The Climate Council’s ability to advocate fiercely for climate action as an independent organisation would not be possible without you.

Looking forward, we will continue to push for ambitious policies that protect us from the worst impacts of climate change. With collective effort, we can build a safe and prosperous future for all Australians, and serve as a global beacon of climate leadership.