Climate Council Annual Report 2022

02.12.22 By
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Globally, and here on home soil, the consequences of delayed climate action are playing out in real time.

This year has been no exception. Australians are experiencing the impacts of more frequent and severe extreme weather, with climate change a key influencer in the 2022 flooding emergency that swept through parts of Queensland and New South Wales. The seriousness of the situation we’re in has only been reinforced by the release of the latest reports from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) emphasising the need to aim higher and go faster in cutting emissions.

2022 delivered a federal climate election, with millions of climate-concerned voters voting for climate-friendly candidates on polling day. Our community played an instrumental role in pressuring candidates to cite their climate credentials via initiatives like our Climate Risk Map, where more than 3000 people contacted their representatives to highlight risks posed by worsening extreme weather.

We are committed to being brave and bold in demanding science-backed climate action. From the biggest international and national media publications, to boardrooms and the general public, the Climate Council is focused on transforming what Australians think is possible when it comes to climate action in this country.

The new Federal Parliament presents an opportunity to influence and shape change, and reset Australia’s position on the world stage. But no matter the government of the day, the Climate Council’s role, independence, expertise and commitment to evidence remains critical. Together, it is our task to shape the world we inhabit tomorrow.

Strategic Priorities:

The Climate Council has focused on three strategic priorities:

  1. Growing the good
  2. Stopping the bad
  3. Transforming the landscape

As a proudly community-powered, independent organisation, our work really wouldn’t be possible without the backing of our incredible Climate Council community. You are the heart of our organisation, and your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you.