Tips for talking to your local candidate

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Taking the time and effort to call your local candidates is a direct way to ensure your voice is heard in the lead up to the federal election, you may even bump into them in the street. A personal conversation says: I am engaged and this issue is meaningful to me. From the perspective of a candidate, hearing a voice of a fellow resident is more personal, more immediate, and harder to ignore! Remember: if elected they work for you and right now they want your vote.

We’ve whipped up this simple guide to help you have easy and effective conversations.

1. What to do before your conversation

Learn what you can about the candidate and their position on climate change, energy or the specific topic you’re calling about. Often their parliamentary biography or personal website will have useful information on this.

2. Prepare your messages

We recommend jotting down three key points you’d like to make during your conversation. Our communication guide will help to highlight some important focal points.

3. Contacting your candidate

Now, it’s time to contact your candidates office! State your full name, mention that you live in their electorate and that you’d like to speak with the candidate about climate action (or another more specific topic). You may not actually get to speak to them. If that’s the case, make sure you leave a message to pass along (you can follow this up with an email if you like) and find out where they are likely to be around your electorate for meet and greets. Politely answer any questions the electorate officer may ask – they provide feedback to their MP about what the local electorate thinks or wants.

4. During the conversation

5. Following the call

Feel like giving it a go? Find your local representative and their contact details here.

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