Conversation Guide: Time to Act

23.04.21 By
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The Climate Council’s report, Aim High, Go Fast: Why emissions need to plummet this decade finds that whilst positive action is increasing in Australia and worldwide, it remains far too slow to avoid catastrophic impacts to our lives and society. Most of our effort required to get to net zero emissions needs to happen this decade. 

Join the conversation! This practical conversation guide gives you the tools and tips you need to communicate the latest climate science and solutions in a way that engages more people. It includes 5 top tips for communicating urgency and solutions and features a section on engaging in conversation online and through social media.

Click here to download our conversation guide, Time to Act: How to have conversations that cut through on the urgent need for climate action.

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For more information about the urgent need to act on climate change this decade, read the Climate Council’s report: Aim High, Go Fast: Why emissions need to plummet this decade.

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