Running for Change

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Your heart’s pounding, your legs are pumping and you can see the finish line in site.

You’re cheered over the line by hundreds of supporters and collapse as you bask in having completed Australia’s largest fun run. What’s more, you have the satisfaction of knowing that every kilometre you ran (all 14 of them!) was in support of backing climate research in Australia.

This was a reality for a team of passionate supporters who completed the City2Surf yesterday in support of the work of the Climate Council.

Two participants, Dominic and David, reflect on why they participated.

Meet Dominic

Back in 2005 I started running to save my health. I was overweight and life was taking me down a bend where I felt I didn’t want to be. To preserve my sanity, I started every small step to health; walking, jogging and then running. Running races from 10k, 21k and then my first marathon in 2006. I ran 7 marathons in 3 years. In 2009 I ran my best marathon of 3:39. A sub 4 hour time that was beyond words for me. Shortly after that I hurt my knee and couldn’t run and so for 7 years I felt that I had squandered all the gains I had made.

But now I’m back. Healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Back in those eager running days I had seen “Inconvenient” the documentary movie with Al Gore. It was mind changing for me in the same was as my early small step and stride health and fitness. We have one Earth just as much as we have one Body. Sometimes we can feel that any progress we make and achievements reached in taking climate action are squandered because of deniers or derogation. But we have scientists, good people and progressive thinkers there to pursue the preservation of the Earth. I recall meeting Tim Flannery and my hands were trembling as I shook his because of the abundant humility he possessed. I admire his passion.

I became motivated to start fundraising by running in the City to Surf, to race the beckoning of the tide as it pushes against our shores because of climate change. I work for a company that finances international projects for renewable energy and sustainable businesses, so I’m doing my bit too. So it is that tomorrow I can proudly say that I helped an organisation like the Climate Council in that pursuit for preservation.

Change making is hard but when it’s for the greater good of humanity and the Earth then it’s about Life.

Meet David

I chose to run for the Climate Council because of the work that they do raising awareness about climate change, one of the few existential threats to humanity. The work that they do promoting action towards a sustainable future is invaluable.

The reason I chose to get involved is that change starts with you: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

We’re so grateful to the whole team who fundraised and ran in support of the Climate Council! It’s not too late to chip in to support the Climate Council Team – head here.