Summer BBQ Guide: Talking Energy

13.12.19 By
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It’s that time of year again: sunshine, beach cricket, and potentially tricky conversations with long lost relatives at your next BBQ. Especially when discussions turn to climate change and energy. 

When it comes to energy, we know there’s a whole lot of misinformation kicking around. Whether it’s pollies cherry-picking information, or the media using complex jargon, it can be enough to leave anyone confused. So if the talk at your next BBQ moves to coal or questioning climate action, this year you can be equipped with the facts.

There’s no need to sweat those awkward moments: come prepared with our Summer BBQ Guide – Talking Energy.  It’s chock-full of ways to answer common questions about Australian energy. 

Soon, you’ll be ready to talk energy with the best of them. And make sure that barbie doesn’t sizzle out…


Summer BBQ guide - talking energy.


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