Record-breaking year in renewables globally highlights lack of progress in Australia

01.06.16 By
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More than eight million people are now employed across the globe in the renewable energy industry after another record-breaking year in renewables, a new report has found.

But in Australia, one in four renewable energy jobs have been lost since 2011.

Australia also failed to crack the top 10 for wind capacity and only just scraped into the top 10 for solar capacity, despite being the sunniest country in the world.

The REN 21: Global Renewables Status report also found:

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said the report found renewable energy was cost-competitive with new fossil fuel power in places with good renewable energy resources and a secure regulatory framework.

“The really remarkable thing about these results is that they were achieved despite historically low fossil fuel prices and despite the fact that renewable energy remains at a significant disadvantage in terms of government subsidies,” she said.

“It’s very clear that renewables are now a competitive and mainstream source of energy all over the world. But Australia’s policy settings are not well placed to seize these opportunities.

“Years of policy uncertainty have stalled our renewable energy progress and we need a secure policy environment and a clear, consistent long-term energy strategy and specific policy initiatives to attract new investment.”

In stark contrast to the global renewable energy boom, Clean Energy Council figures released on Tuesday show:

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