Just Get On With It – Effective conversations on climate change, jobs & the economy

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Our latest research suggests that while the majority of Australians understand that climate change is a problem, many are yet to be convinced that action is urgently required, think climate action is expensive or won’t bring jobs and benefits to the Australian people.

The facts are: climate action is creating good jobs now, solving long-term problems and will set us up for a more secure future.

Maybe you know someone just like this – and if you’re wondering the best way to connect with them and convince them that it’s time for Australia to just get on with climate action –  you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created this short guide – packed with tips and tricks to help you have effective conversations with the people around you about the benefits that climate action can bring to working people, our economy, and the environment.

Effective Conversations: How to Convince Friends and Family to Just Get on With Climate Action

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