Communication Guide: Just Get On With It

01.10.20 By
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This guide is designed to provide practical advice about how to effectively talk about climate change during a global pandemic and recession.

The overwhelming majority of Australians agree that climate change is a problem. However, there are differing views when it comes to how fast we need to act, the costs and who should pay.

Our challenge is to convince people that urgent action is not only required, but is also in their immediate economic interests. To do that, we need to overcome the common objections and myths that dampen enthusiasm for change, and emphasise the benefits in terms of jobs, and a more resilient and sustainable Australia. In short, we need to flip the frame that ‘climate action is harmful to economic prosperity’ to ‘climate action is crucial to economic prosperity’. At the same time, we must explain why the coal and gas industries are not a solution because fossil fuel projects are financially risky, dangerous, expensive and worsen climate change.


The front cover of the Just Get On With It communications guide.

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