Ampol axed: Walkleys drop dirty sponsor

17.05.24 By

The Climate Council commends The Walkley Foundation for axing major gas and oil polluter Ampol as sponsor of Australia’s premier award for journalism, the Walkley Awards. This decision, made on the basis that  Ampol offers “no tangible benefit to humanity”, reflects a growing movement to disassociate with polluting companies driving the climate crisis.

The Climate Council, publisher of a voluntary code that empowers organisations to “Call Time” on their links to fossil fuels, is a vocal proponent of removing the influence of fossil fuel sponsorships from Australia’s cultural and sports institutions. Last year, the Climate Council backed cartoonists who withdrew from the Walkley Awards by supporting a new climate category for the Stanley Awards.  

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie, said: “Congratulations to the Walkleys for taking a stand against fossil fuel sponsors. Dirty money has no place in Australia’s news industry, and I encourage other events to follow suit and clean up their act. 

“Media plays a crucial role in informing Australians on the threats of worsening climate change and the solutions available now to give us a fighting chance. Axing Ampol sends a message that climate pollution not only endangers Australians, but the reputation of any organisation that promotes their deadly product. 

“Public sentiment is clear: greenwashing is out. People no longer want to be associated with polluting products. By axing Ampol, the Walkley Foundation has shown powerful leadership.

“The Climate Council looks forward to seeing more fossil fuel sponsors cut from our beloved arts, sports, and cultural events. We applaud the journalists and cartoonists whose steadfast opposition to Ampol’s sponsorship influenced The Walkley Foundation’s decision.” 

To learn more about how to remove fossil fuel sponsorships from arts, sports, and events, organisations can use the Climate Council’s Fossil Fuel Free Sponsorship Code.

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