LIST OF SHAME: 740 Fossil Fuel Projects Greenlit under Australia’s Environment Law

30.01.24 By

Australia’s national environment law is fundamentally flawed. It’s supposed to keep our special protected places and species safe from harm, but instead, it’s ignoring one of the most significant threats: climate change. 

Through worsening bushfires and floods, searing heatwaves, ocean acidification and drought, climate change  – caused by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas –  is like an all-purpose bulldozer. It’s already tearing through one-of-a-kind ecosystems and turbocharging other threats like habitat loss for precious threatened species.

Everything you need to know about how our environment law is failing here

Yet, since the law was introduced in 1999, a massive 740 highly polluting fossil fuel developments have been approved or waved through without even being assessed. 

This is putting our environment in grave danger.

Unless our environment law is updated to consider climate change, and the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that fuel it, more polluting new fossil fuel projects will be given the green light. 
Download the full list of fossil fuel projects the environment law has waved through here – then make sure to join the campaign today by signing our petition for a strong national environment law.