This year, the people of NSW have faced twin crises – enduring a horror bushfire season fuelled by climate change, and devastatingly high unemployment rates in the wake of COVID-19.

In response, the NSW Government has unveiled a plan to make the state a renewable energy superpower, which will drive down power prices and pollution, create much-needed jobs and deliver huge economic benefits to the state. 

This is the sort of leadership and vision that we need to see replicated across all Governments at all levels.

Add your name to our petition now to congratulate the NSW Government on their smart investments, and let’s drum up massive community support to get policies that create jobs and solve long-term problems like climate change implemented right across the country.

In its Energy Infrastructure Roadmap, the NSW Government has opened the door for NSW to become a renewable energy superpower, outlining a pathway to transition the state to renewable energy by:

Whilst there is always room for improvement across environment and energy policy areas, today, we think the Liberal National NSW Government deserve congratulations from our community for showing the rest of the country, and the Federal Government, how it’s done. 

It’s a win-win plan that’s received multi-partisan support, and will set NSW up for the future. 

Add your name now to our giant ‘Good on Ya’ petition, and help us push for policies like this to be delivered by other State and Territory Governments in Australia.

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Congratulate the NSW Government on their Energy Infrastructure Roadmap

NSW has delivered the leadership and vision we need to see from every state and territory government.

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