Climate change is fuelling extreme weather events, from dangerous bushfire conditions to intensifying storms, floods and heatwaves.

And public concern and desire for action is high: eight in ten Australians (82%) are concerned about climate change leading to more dangerous bushfires, while seven in ten (71%) of Australians want Australia to be a global leader in finding solutions (1).

Governments at all levels, from local, to state and federal, have a responsibility to act on climate change and ensure people and property are prepared for worsening climate impacts.

Add your name to push for strong leadership in protecting Australian communities today.

Firefighters, Emergency Leaders, doctors, farmers, First Nations Leaders and community members are all calling for strong climate action to protect communities and save lives and property from worsening extreme weather conditions.

Local, state and federal governments must develop policies to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and keep Australian communities safe from worsening extreme weather events.

Add your name today to join the resounding chorus of Australians who are pushing for stronger action to tackle climate change and protect communities today.

Read more about how leaders can protect communities in the Bushfire and Climate Plan, from Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, or in our explainer, Unpacking the Bushfire Royal Commission.



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