Three actions to stand against gas

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Gas is one of the main fossil fuels driving climate change, and Australia is already experiencing the devastating impacts that this brings.

In the past year alone, Australians have endured the Black Summer bushfires, devastating drought and the third mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef in five years. And extracting and burning more gas puts Australians in harm’s way.

Despite all this, our Federal Government is still giving the green light to the gas industry, while touting a ‘gas-led recovery’ as our way out of the COVID-19 crisis. This doesn’t stack up economically and it’s also putting Australians at risk.

It is ludicrous to invest in something that is dirty and dangerous when there are clean and cheap alternatives already out there. Australia can transition to 100% renewable electricity and storage quickly and efficiently – which will create thousands of clean jobs, boost the economy, and bring Australia’s emissions down.

So here are three actions you can take today to stand against gas in Australia and push for a clean economic recovery!

1. Brush up on the facts

Firstly, read our newest report ‘Passing Gas: Why Renewables are the future’.

Gas report, 'Passing Gas: Why Renewables are the Future', front cover depicting twin gas towers

Here are the report’s key findings:

  1. Australia’s in the grip of a climate crisis. Extracting and burning more gas escalates risk and puts more Australians in harm’s way.
  2. Gas causes climate harm and its emissions are under reported in Australia.
  3. The international gas market is in crisis, and Australia is dangerously exposed to job losses and power price volatility.
  4. The second biggest user of gas in Australia is the gas industry itself, and that is costing all Australians.
  5. We do not need new gas when renewables are clean and affordable.


Then, watch this video to understand why gas is so polluting, and how it’s contributing to climate change.

2. Email your MP

As an active member of your community, your opinion is important! The more people that email their MPs letting them know that Australians don’t want more gas, the more they will have to listen and take our opinions on board. We vote them in to represent us, after all!

Use our handy email tool to share our report with your state MP and urge them to publicly oppose new gas exploration and support a plan to phase out existing gas.

Click here to use our quick, easy email tool to contact your MP in just a few clicks!


3. Have a constructive conversation about gas with your friends and family

People are more likely to take information on board if it comes from a friend or family member. This means chatting with your nearest and dearest about how Australia could be a leader in clean industries – and why new gas is a bad idea – is one of the most important actions you can take today!

Click here to find our climate conversation guides, and learn how to have an effective conversation about climate change with anyone!

So this holiday season, sit down with your parents, neighbours or friends – even if it’s just over Zoom – and let them know why you’re calling out the Government for spruiking a gas-led recovery. A good starting point is to explain how clean, cheap and reliable renewable energy can create thousands of jobs for Australians.

Check out the Climate Council’s social media pages for ideas on what to post on your own channels (find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

A few top tips:

Done all these actions and looking for another way to stand up against the gas industry? Donate to the Climate Council today to power our work against gas in Australia!

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