Survey results: Climate-fueled disasters cause Australians to fear permanent loss of homes

21.03.24 By

This summer, as communities across the country experienced wild swings between weather extremes, the Climate Council conducted polling to learn how extreme weather events were impacting the wellbeing of Australians. The survey was a follow-up to a landmark study into climate change and mental health undertaken by the Climate Council in 2023.

Experiences of climate-fuelled disasters and their impact on mental health:

What Australians are most worried about:

The survey data comes from a National YouGov Poll with a representative national sample of 1,568 Australians, conducted from 24-30 January 2024. The sample covered Australians aged over 18 including representatives of different genders, generations, geographies (states, city/rural, etc.), education levels, income levels, voting habits, and other characteristics.