Solar saved this local bowlo

16.06.20 By
This content is more than 3 years old

Meet the bowling club that’s leaving fossil fuels in the gutter and rolling towards a renewable-powered future.

Power price hikes and mounting energy bills were hitting the Carrington Bowling Club hard.

To beat rising power bills, the club turned to solar. Supported by local community groups and club members, the bowlo installed a 50kW solar system on the roof that has slashed power bills, saving up to $1,800 every month.

The Carrington Bowlo has joined over 2 million Aussies looking to the future and choosing clean, common-sense renewable energy solutions like solar. In the sunniest country in the world, solar just makes sense.

Check out the Cities Power Partnership to hear about more local legends who are paving the way for climate action in Australia.

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