People Powering the Future: Skilling Queenslanders for the Clean Transformation

02.12.21 By
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Climate action is an economic necessity for Queensland. More than 80% of Australia’s trading partners are committed to reaching net zero, which means customers for our fossil fuel export are drying up. As a state with a large export economy, Queensland must be wary of investing in products to sell that the world no longer wants. 

But the opportunities of a clean economy are huge for Queensland – from green hydrogen to renewable energy generation to critical minerals mining – economic growth and new jobs are available if we get the pace and scale of transition to net zero right. 

To model what the transition looks like for workers and the skills needed in Queensland’s clean economy, Climate Council commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to produce a new report: People Powering the Future – Skilling Queenslanders for the Clean Transformation.

Key findings: 

There is an unprecedented opportunity for Queensland to set up its workforce to take advantage of the global shift to a low emissions future – the state economy could be 7% larger and create new jobs.

Most workers today will be in demand as the Queensland economy transforms to net zero, with pathways available for workers needing to switch roles, or industries.