Feeding a Hungry Nation: Climate change, food and farming in Australia

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The price, quality and seasonality of Australia’s food is increasingly being affected by climate change with Australia’s future food security under threat, our new report has revealed.

Australia’s food supply chain is highly exposed to disruption from increasing extreme weather events driven by climate change, with farmers already struggling to cope with more frequent and intense droughts and changing weather patterns.

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Key Findings

1. Climate change is making weather patterns more extreme and unpredictable, with serious consequences for Australia’s agricultural production.

2. More frequent and intense heatwaves and extreme weather events are already affecting food prices in Australia.

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3. Climate change is affecting the quality and seasonal availability of many foods in Australia.

4. Australia is extremely vulnerable to disruptions in food supply through extreme weather events.

5. Australia’s international competitiveness in many agricultural markets will be challenged by the warming climate and changing weather patterns.

6. If the current rate of climate change is maintained, adaptation to food production challenges will be increasingly difficult and expensive.

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