Renewable energy is Australia’s permanent bill buster

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Renewable energy is Australia’s permanent bill buster.

Renewable energy is readily available across Australia, and the more of it we have to power our homes, the more affordable our electricity bills will be. 

When renewable energy is backed up by batteries and other types of storage, we can enjoy affordable electricity, 24/7, all year round.

The answer to lowering everyone’s energy bills for good is for governments and businesses to build massive amounts of new solar, wind, pumped hydro and renewable storage as fast as possible. 

Key facts:

  1. Energy from wind and solar is the most affordable fuel source available today
  2. Energy from wind and solar is on average half the price of energy from coal and gas. 
  3. The cost of renewable energy will continue to fall as technology improves. 
  4. The price of coal and gas is high and volatile, contributing to rising energy bills.
  5. Renewable energy protects Australians from international energy price shocks.

While more renewable energy in our electricity grid will drive down wholesale prices, there are also things you can do at home to reduce your energy consumption this winter.

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