Our car-centric transport system is one of Australia’s biggest sources of climate pollution, and makes our streets congested, noisy, dirty and dangerous

We need a better way. It’s time to reimagine how we get around, so Aussies have better and cleaner transport choices.

We have an opportunity to halve climate pollution from transport by 2030.

How can we do it? By enabling Aussies in our major cities to choose shared and active transport for more trips, more often. But at the moment, many people simply don’t have access to convenient, frequent and reliable transport options that would provide a real alternative to expensive and polluting private cars.

We need your help sending politicians the message that Australians in our big cities really want better shared and active transport options.

Use our simple tool to email your State Transport Minister to tell them you want better access to shared and active transport, to get climate pollution and costs plummeting!

Want to learn more about our work advocating for clean transport? Check out our report: Next Stop Suburbia: Making Shared Transport Work for Everyone in Aussie Cities