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The Australian Government is supporting massive new polluting new gas projects. But gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that’s driving climate change. 

Australia doesn’t need new gas (1) if we are to rapidly reduce our emissions and protect communities from extreme weather. 

That means State and Federal Governments, banks and big business must not bankroll and approve new gas projects. 

Add your name now to build pressure on Governments, banks and big business to leave the gas in the ground – and let’s get on with building the clean energy infrastructure we need for a safe future.  

Rising emissions from the fossil fuel industry are cancelling out gains made by increasing solar and wind generation. Expanding new gas will wreck our climate, drive up power prices and slow down the inevitable transition to renewable energy. 

Renewables are now the cheapest and cleanest form of new energy – and clean energy projects like wind and solar, big battery technology and green hydrogen, can cut our emissions, provide cheaper, cleaner and more reliable power to millions of people , and create tens of thousands of secure jobs in communities right across Australia.

Sign and share this petition to push for smarter energy solutions instead of new gas.

Want to know more about gas, and why we don’t need it? Read our latest report –  Passing Gas: Why Renewables are the Future

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Expanding new gas projects in Australia goes against everything the science says we must do to combat the climate crisis.

Add your name now to call on federal, state and local governments to embrace clean energy solutions instead.