What is GreenPower?

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The GreenPower program is a government-managed scheme that enables Australian businesses and householders, including renters, to tap into clean, reliable renewable energy from their electricity retailer.

It’s a great solution if you:

When you choose to purchase certified GreenPower, you commit your electricity provider to buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy from new renewable energy sources.

By choosing GreenPower, you can essentially make electricity companies provide renewable-powered electricity for your home.

Most importantly, GreenPower supports additional renewable energy above and beyond what is required by the national Renewable Energy Target.

A man changing a light bulb


The majority of Australian electricity retailers offer certified GreenPower so it is usually just a matter of calling your existing electricity company to opt-in. You could also select a supplier from the list of accredited GreenPower providers and apply online or by phone.

You can choose to go 100% renewable or, if you can’t afford to offset 100% of your electricity, you can choose how much of your power comes from GreenPower.

More than 305,000 Australian households and businesses currently contribute to GreenPower and the more who join the better.

For example, Meredith Dairy in regional Victoria has installed a 99kW solar system but when it does take electricity from the grid it purchases 100% GreenPower.  

Meredith Dairy solar panels
Meredith Dairy purchases 100% GreenPower when it isn’t being powered by its 99kW solar panels. Image: Meredith Dairy


When you make the switch to GreenPower, you’re not only reducing the greenhouse gas pollution of your household or business, but are joining a collective drive to grow renewables in Australia.

GreenPower customers have saved more than eight million tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution from the electricity sector since the program was introduced in 1997. The program has also enabled more than $1 billion to be invested into Australia’s renewable energy sector.