Keeping Influential Voices in the Media

Whether on the ground in Glasgow, or back home in Australia, thanks to the support of our incredible community, the Climate Council has been able to shape the narrative around COP26.

Through traditional and social media, our expert team has kept the public across the happenings at COP26, and the facts about climate change and solutions. The Climate Council was a go-to source for journalists at the conference and in Australia, resulting in us featuring in the media over 3,600 times throughout COP26. Check out the highlights of our COP26 coverage below!

Our recent report From Paris to Glasgow: A World On the Move

This report found that Australia was dead last among developed nations when it came to action on climate change, and helped set the tone ahead of COP26 and ramp up pressure on the Federal Government to increase ambition. It takes stock of the world’s response to the climate crisis, and what Australia needs to deliver to protect future generations, and seize the economic benefits of stronger action on climate change.

Check out Head of Research Dr Simon Bradshaw on The Project“Why Australia Is So Bad At Deciding On A Climate Action Plan”

Australia’s Woeful Net Zero Announcement

Australia’s woeful net zero by 2050 target was announced in the lead-up to COP26. Relying heavily on unproven technologies to achieve this target, and without a plan to at least halve emissions by 2030, Australia cemented itself at the back of the pack internationally ahead of the conference.

Australia’s Performance at COP26

Our experts on the ground in Glasgow kept us up to date on all things COP26 in the media, across social media and in their daily blog from the conference. Our team fact checked Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s speech and made sure that Australians were kept well informed on the realities of Australia’s policies, and how far we’re lagging behind our international peers.

The Climate Council was able to be an independent voice for climate science, and speak up on behalf of Australians passionate about climate action, thanks to the ongoing support of our community. As a people-powered organisation, our community allows us to maintain the pressure for action on climate change at all levels of government and throughout society. To chip in a special one-off, tax deductible donation to amplify our push for climate action, click here.

Check out Climate Councillor Professor Tim Flannery on The Project – “World Leaders Sound Alarm Over Climate, Morrison Attempts To Stay Positive At COP26”

Key Pledges at COP26

A series of major pledges and agreements were forged at COP26. The first of these was a pledge to stop deforestation by 2030, signed by over 100 countries, including Australia. While this is a great step, urgently stepping up zero emissions alternatives to coal, oil and gas is essential to combating climate change. 

A pledge to reduce global methane emissions by 30% by 2030, and an agreement to rapidly phase out coal power, were two key agreements to come out of COP26 – showing a considerable shift on climate action globally. Australia’s refusal to sign these pledges alongside comparable nations is placing Australians, our economy and the places we cherish at risk.

The Joint Statement from the US and China

The US and China, the world’s two biggest polluters, committed to redouble their efforts to fight climate change this decade. A commitment to collaborate on urgent action among these two major international players, alongside several of Australia’s other major trading partners, ramps up the pressure on Australia to act quickly and decisively to unlock the abundant opportunities for clean jobs and clean industries.

Listen to Dr Simon Bradshaw’s full interview on RN Breakfast here.

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action Ad in The Times

The Climate Council community generously chipped in to help Emergency Leaders for Climate Action (ELCA) place a full page advertisement in The Times on Adaptation, Loss & Damage Day at COP26. This ad was seen by more than 1.7 million Brits, reminding the international community and key decision-makers at COP26 what’s at stake if we fail to secure strong action on the climate crisis. 

Our team on the ground in Glasgow also held a press conference with bushfire survivors from around the world, drawing international attention to the severe impacts of climate change that are being experienced worldwide, including in Australia.

Wrapping Up COP26

As COP26 drew to a close, the Climate Council team released The Federal Government’s COP26 Scorecard to highlight its poor performance, and the focus of our media work turned to key outcomes and ways forward.

World leaders are stepping up to the climate challenge, and significant progress was made at COP26 to accelerate emissions cuts this decade. Australia will need to strengthen its commitments ahead of COP27 next year, and pressure is increasing on the Federal Government to increase its ambition and action on climate change.

So, What’s Next?

Watch our latest webinar Glasgoing, going, gone – what now? to hear from our expert Climate Councillors about their reflections on COP26 and what needs to happen now.

COP26 is over, but we’re nowhere near done! Action needs to accelerate in line with the urgency and scale of the climate crisis, and Australia has a long way to go to step up in line with our international peers. And together, we’ll keep pushing!

Thank you for everything you are doing to power our work now, and into the future.