Concerned about climate change? Want to know what you can do to be part of the solutions? You’re not alone! 82% of Australians are concerned about climate change, and for good reason – Australia is one of the most vulnerable developed countries when it comes to the impacts of climate change.

It’s going to take ALL of us demanding action from our politicians to push for the solutions and make sure Australia becomes a leader in climate action. So here are three things you can do today to fight for a clean and resilient future for Australia!

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1. Brush up on the facts

First things first – let’s get up to speed with the basics of climate change.

When humans burn fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), it creates greenhouse gas emissions. When there is too much greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, heat gets trapped close to the surface of the Earth, which causes global average temperatures to rise. While there are other sources of greenhouse gas emissions, like agriculture and land clearing, the impact of fossil fuel emissions dominates when it comes to driving changes in the global climate.

These extra greenhouse gas emissions are making the planet hotter, as they capture extra energy in the atmosphere and oceans. This shift in the energy balance of the planet is known as climate change.

Given that burning fossil fuels is the main driver of climate change, the best way to stop contributing to climate change is to stop burning fossil fuels! Renewable energy is a cheap, reliable and clean alternative, and there is huge potential for Australia to be leading the world in renewable industries. But we need our Federal Government to stop using our money to prop up the dying fossil fuel industry and instead, catch up to the rest of the world by implementing a credible and robust climate policy, based on the latest science.

Extra resources for your tool kit:

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– More info: Deep dive into our latest report on extreme weather and climate change

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2. Commit to having more conversations about climate solutions with your friends and family

Whether you’re just beginning your climate journey or fast-becoming an expert, it’s important to remember that you don’t need a degree in climate science to help people understand why taking action today to prevent the worst of climate change makes sense.

Studies show that people are more likely to take information on board if it comes from a friend or family member. This means chatting with your nearest and dearest about climate impacts and solutions is one of the most important actions you can take to influence the public conversation about climate change today. You are really important in making this happen!

Click here to find our climate conversation guides, and learn how to have an effective conversation about climate change with anyone.

So sit down with your parents, neighbours or friends – even if it’s just over Zoom – to let them know why you think climate action is important, and why they should too.

A few top tips to get you started:

Plus, check out the Climate Council’s social media pages for ideas on what to post on your own accounts – you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3. Email your local MP using our handy tool

As an active member of your community, your opinion is important. The more people that email their MPs letting them know that Australians are serious about action on climate change, the more they will have to listen and take our opinions on board. We vote them in to represent us, after all!

Use our handy email tool to ask your Federal MP to advocate for stronger targets, faster emissions reductions policies and greater investment in the solutions.

Top tip: we’ve pre-written an email for you to use to make life a little bit easier for you (you’re welcome!). But try to personalise the email as much as possible for the best chance of it landing in your MP’s inbox!

Click here to use our quick, easy email tool to contact your MP

BONUS ACTION!: Become a Climate Council member

2021 must be a critical year for action on climate change – we don’t have any more time to waste.

It’s our job at the Climate Council to push for action from all levels, and we know the challenge before us will only get bigger and bigger, the longer our leaders delay action.

Climate Council Members, who chip in an ongoing donation each week or each month, are the backbone of our organisation and make up a significant proportion of our funding. Our Members are critical to ensuring our work, pressuring decision makers to take action on climate science and solutions, can continue.

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This year, we need to fight harder than ever before, change more hearts and minds, and have the biggest impact yet, to stand up against a tough, well-resourced opposition.

We each have an important role to play in driving action on climate change, but the kind of large-scale change that is required to beat the problem will only be successful if we all work together to push for action where it counts. And YOU are a crucial part of our plan.

So if you haven’t already, consider joining us by becoming a Climate Council Member today.

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