Queensland Smarter Energy Use

05.05.23 By
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Making Queensland households more efficient and electrifying them will deliver benefits for our bank accounts, our health and our emission. 

An all electric and efficient home could save Queensland households over $1,500 a year.

Electrifying our homes and improving their efficiency will lower energy bills and emissions, while smoothing Australia’s pathway to a grid powered by more renewable wind and solar energy.

Savings available in Queensland by making your home more energy efficient:

Hot water$689
Heating $183
Cooking $107
Network fee$254
Energy efficiency measure savings$354
Total energy and efficiency savings$1588

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Why improve the energy efficiency of your home?

To play our part in tackling the climate crisis and limiting future harm, Australia’s emissions need to plummet this decade. This means moving beyond fossil fuels like coal and gas as soon as possible. We can do this by electrifying as many things as we can, and supplying as much energy as possible from renewable sources. Cutting our energy use at the same time by making our houses and the appliances within them more efficient in the way they use electricity is also an important part of the picture

Our latest report, Smarter Energy Use: How to cut energy bills and climate harm, explores a range of readily available measures for electrifying homes and improving efficiency together, and highlights how governments can support all Australians to benefit from the switch. Through these improvements, households will unlock bill savings, cut emissions and help secure a cleaner energy grid. That’s a good deal.