NEW REPORT – Leaders and Legends: Thousands of clean jobs for Queenslanders

The Climate Council has released a new report, Leaders and Legends: Thousands of clean jobs for Queenslanders. It highlights the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity governments have to invest in new initiatives that will create tens of thousands of good jobs in Queensland, while also tackling climate change and protecting the people and places we love. 

Queensland has the natural resources to become a world leader in renewable energy, as well as in industries such as clean manufacturing, minerals processing and renewable hydrogen. This will bring with it tens of thousands of jobs for generations of Queenslanders.


Initiatives such as accelerating the development of Renewable Energy Zones offer regional Queensland a pathway to long-term, sustainable prosperity with immediate benefits. As well as providing cheaper, cleaner and more reliable power for the whole state.

Watch and share our new video below to find out how we can get Queenslanders back to work and solve long term problems like climate change.

Report Key Findings:

  1. As Queensland rebuilds its economy from the COVID-19 crisis, it should seize the opportunity to create jobs in renewable energy and the industries it will power.

  2. Queensland has the potential to be a clean industrial superpower. Generations of Queenslanders could work in clean industries such as clean manufacturing, mining, minerals processing and hydrogen made from renewables.

  3. CopperString 2.0 is a proposed transmission project connecting North West Queensland to the National Electricity Market (NEM), unlocking exceptional wind and solar resources and new opportunities in mining and minerals processing.

  4. Renewable energy not only creates jobs, it addresses long term challenges like climate change.

Click here to email a copy of the Leaders and Legends report, (and the Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan), to your Queensland State MP.