If you’re passionate about supporting climate action, workplace giving is an easy and effective way for employees to make a difference by giving a regular donation through their pre-tax pay.

For companies partnering with the Climate Council, Workplace Giving demonstrates that your business is passionate about supporting climate action and protecting Australia’s future. By matching the donations that your employees make, you’re effectively doubling their impact, and supporting their charitable interests. You can also track the level of charitable giving your workplace has helped achieve.

To safeguard our independence, we do not accept funding from governments or organisations associated with the fossil fuel industry, making your support even more vital.

Workplace Giving is simple, low cost and easy to set up. It also means that employees who participate receive an immediate tax benefit. 

How do you start?

First, let your employees know about workplace giving. We can assist by conducting workplace presentations or sending through promotional material to demonstrate the impact of partnering with the Climate Council.

Once an employee has signed up, you can deduct a specified amount each payday from the employee’s salaries through your payroll system or with the help of our workplace-giving partners (e.g. Good2Give, GoodCompany and Benevity).

We can provide regular updates to your organisation on the impact of your support.

Contact us via info@climatecouncil.org.au or (02) 9356 8493 for more information on how to set this up.