Fear and Wonder: Podcast by The Conversation

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The latest IPCC report has made it clear: we’ve reached a precipice and we simply must get out of fossil fuels and urgently cut emissions in this make or break decade. The action we take will be measured in lives, livelihoods and ecosystems saved

Fear and Wonder is a new climate podcast brought to you by The Conversation, and officially sponsored by the Climate Council. The show takes the listeners inside the UN’s era-defining climate report via the hearts and minds of the scientists who wrote it. It’s hosted by journalist Michael Green and Dr. Joelle Gergis, a climate scientist, Climate Council member and IPCC lead author.  

As a climate scientist and lead author of one of the recent IPCC reports, Dr Joëlle Gergis knows a thing or two about the scale of the climate crisis, and how we can solve it. In her new book, Humanity’s Moment: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope, she explains why we can’t let the fact we can’t do everything stop us from doing something.

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