2021 Community Survey

14.05.21 By
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We asked and you answered! Here are the results of the Climate Council’s 2021 Annual Community Survey, informed by thousands of our passionate supporters. 

Our community are at the heart of everything we do. Whether amplifying our message by sharing our reports and fact-sheets, taking action to influence decision makers or chipping in to maximise the impact of our campaigns, we can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support.

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Looking back at the past year, we asked what you thought our biggest achievements were:

You said:
“The Climate Council turns single voices which are easily ignored into a large community voice which is getting much harder to ignore”

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We asked how you wanted to be involved in future activities of the Climate Council:

You said:
“[The Climate Council] gives me a connection to a community that shares my values and care for the planet.”

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Some of our supporters summed up why they’re a proud part of the Climate Council community. Here’s more of what they had to say: