Queensland Webinar Series: Supercharging the Sunshine State

15.03.21 By
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Each month, we’ll be taking a deep dive into exciting areas of the Queensland economy,  unpacking the opportunities and challenges that come with building a clean, vibrant, and prosperous Queensland.   The Supercharging the Sunshine State Webinar Series covers a wide range of topics, from renewable energy zones to how to make our homes more energy efficient, and along the way, will demonstrate how communities in our state can seize the boundless opportunities of clean energy solutions.

Check out the first webinar in our Series, REZ & My Community: What you Need to Know, below, then register for more of our upcoming events!

Upcoming Webinars:

Queensland Climate Action Plan: From Plan to Action

Transforming our Transport System: Keeping Queensland Moving

Also. be sure to check out our first Queensland report: Leaders and Legends: Thousands of Clean Jobs for Queenslanders!

1. REZ & My Community: What You Need to Know

With special guest speakers Ella Weisbrot, Climate Council researcher, Andrew Bray, director of RE-Alliance, and Ariane Wilkinson, expert in environmental policy and regulation, this webinar showcases the benefits of utility scale clean energy: unlocking jobs and growth in the regions and supercharging our future.