Clean Jobs Can Help Protect Reef

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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL is urging the Queensland Government to create clean jobs that can help to protect the Great Barrier Reef and address climate change.

It comes as the public is invited to have its say on the Reef 2050 Plan – Australia’s long-term strategy to protect and manage the Great Barrier Reef.

“Climate change is the number one threat to the Reef and addressing this must be central to any long-term plan. Fortunately, we can create clean jobs for Queenslanders that help to protect the Reef. It’s a win-win solution,” said the Climate Council’s CEO Amanda McKenzie.

The Climate Council recently released its Clean Jobs Plan, which can help get Queenslanders back to work and address climate change.

Economic modelling has found up to 20,000 Queenslanders could be employed in clean jobs. Many of the jobs are in ecosystem restoration and large-scale renewable energy.

“In addition to creating clean jobs, we need to rapidly and deeply reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This is vital if we are to protect the Great Barrier Reef and the Queenslanders whose livelihoods depend on it,” said the Climate Council’s Head of Research, Dr Martin Rice.

“The burning of coal, oil and gas is driving climate change and threatening the Great Barrier Reef. We must accelerate the transition to renewable energy and storage and the Sunshine State is incredibly well placed to do this,” said Dr Rice.

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