We need more than a quick fuel excise fix, case studies and experts

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COST OF LIVING pressures are set to climb even higher from today as the temporary discount on fuel excise comes to an end – with fuel prices set to jump as much as 25 cents a litre. 

Dr Jennifer Rayner, Climate Council Head of Advocacy. Location: Canberra, ACT  

“The fuel excise was merely a temporary band-aid solution and did nothing to address the real issue of spiralling fuel costs in the longer term, which place even more pressure on top of sky-rocketing bills. It was short-sighted. What we really need is fuel efficiency standards. 

“The fact is, Australians are being totally ripped off when it comes to how we get around. Our complete lack of fuel efficiency standards means we’ve become a dumping ground for some of the world’s most polluting, expensive and inefficient cars. Meanwhile, someone who drives an electric vehicle can save around $1,600 a year compared to a petrol car, but at the moment most Australians don’t have the option to buy them.

“The Australian Government has started the conversation with its National Electric Vehicle Strategy,  but we need it to move quickly and decisively to catch up with much of the rest of the world. The longer we wait to put fuel efficiency standards in place, the more Australians will be exposed to fuel price spikes and harmful pollution.” 

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