VIDEO: Passing Gas: Why Renewables are the Future

03.12.20 By
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When John Tough was working in the gas industry in North West NSW, he saw the terrible damage that the industry is doing to our climate and our communities first hand.

Gas is a dangerous and highly polluting fossil fuel, which releases huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the supply chain. And our latest report has found that gas is even more polluting than originally thought.

Yet the gas industry is still getting the green light from Governments, and this isn’t good enough.

Australia’s in the grip of a climate crisis. Extracting and burning more gas puts more Australians in harm’s way. We urgently need to transition to a renewable economy – which will create clean jobs, reduce Australia’s emissions, and give us a fighting chance at kicking climate to the curb.

Check out our new report ‘Passing Gas: Why renewables are the future’.

We’ve put together three actions you can take to stand against gas in Australia! Check them out here.