Victoria powers ahead with shift away from harmful gas

14.12.23 By

The Climate Council welcomes the Victorian Government’s updated Gas Substitution Roadmap, outlining the next steps for Victoria’s shift from expensive, climate-wrecking gas to cheaper, efficient electric alternatives.

Climate Council Head of Advocacy Dr Jennifer Rayner said: “Gas is a harmful fossil fuel that is expensive, bad for people’s health and for the planet. The sooner we phase it out, the better. This leadership by the Victorian government shows it can be done.

“The updated Roadmap will build on the momentum already underway to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy for Victorian households, businesses, and renters. Requiring homeowners to upgrade to efficient electric appliances when their gas ones give out is great for the climate and Victorians’ wallets.

“Reviewing minimum energy efficiency standards for rental homes is important. Renters often have a hard time seeing the benefits of electric and efficient homes. Going forward, making renters’ homes cheaper to run and more comfortable must be a key focus of Australian governments.

“Requiring all commercial properties and homes to be electric is also smart. This will help us focus on reducing gas use, not adding to the problem

“Australia doesn’t need harmful gas and Victoria’s action is another step on the pathway to clean, affordable energy beyond fossil fuels.

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