Tim Flannery Wins International Award For Climate Work

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JUST HOURS AHEAD of the Biden Climate Summit, Chief Climate Councillor Tim Flannery has won a prestigious medal for his work on climate change.

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) has presented Professor Flannery with the Geddes Environment Medal, commending his “dogged determination” to communicate the critical science of climate change. 

The Chief Executive of RSGS, Mike Robinson said Professor Flannery was highly regarded around the world for his academic work as well as his ability to communicate complex climate science to the general public. 

“It is the job of scientists to observe trends, test ideas and present findings, and he has done that better than most and at the highest level,” said Mr Robinson.

The last person to be awarded the Geddes Environment Medal was Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

The Climate Council’s acting CEO, Dr Martin Rice said Professor Flannery was a leading climate change communicator and a very deserving recipient of the medal. 

“Tim is often in the media bravely speaking truth to powerhe is never afraid to call out the country’s most powerful people if they have vested interests or are spreading misinformation about climate science,” said Dr Rice.  

“Most recently, Tim has spoken out about the folly of the Federal Government pushing for a gas-led recovery from COVID-19.  Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world and, as Tim has said many times, it could be a renewables powerhouse – we just need strong and effective government policy,” he said. 

“Fortunately, Australian state governments, including a host of conservative governments, are leading the charge on climate action,” said Dr Rice.

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