Tim Flannery searches for climate leadership in new documentary

14.08.23 By

Gather round, climate enthusiasts and film buffs alike! The timely documentary Climate Changers will be coming to cinemas nationally in September after its world premiere at the 2023 Sydney Film Festival.

The film follows Chief Climate Councillor Professor Tim Flannery, renowned scientist and a leading voice for climate action change, as he searches for the missing ingredient in our fight against climate change – leadership.

“For a long time, there has been a gap in climate leadership. I wanted to dig deeper; work out why we are so lacking in climate leaders, and talk about how we can tackle this challenge,” Professor Flannery said.

“I met with some incredible minds during the making of this film: people who are out there doing incredible work. I hope some of the ideas explored can empower policy-makers and the broader population to instigate the changes we so desperately need.”

Watch the Climate Changers trailer:

In Climate Changers, Tim Flannery discusses climate leadership with prominent experts from around the globe. The lineup includes former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, green energy genius Dr. Saul Griffith, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, human rights lawyer and activist from Fiji Kavita Naidu, West Papuan activist and human rights lawyer Frederika Korain, Indigenous climate change Ambassador for the Kingdom of Tonga Uili Lousi, and First Nations Advisor Tishiko King. Together, they explore different solutions and approaches to guide us through the complex climate landscape.

Save the date: Climate Changers will be screened simultaneously at various cinemas across Australia on Sunday, September 17, at 5.30 pm. Following the screenings, actor and climate advocate Yael Stone will moderate a live-streamed Q&A session with Professor Flannery, Dr Griffith, and Ms Naidu.

For more info and to find a screening near you, click here.

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