The Critical Decade: Global Action Building on Climate Change

29.08.14 By
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How far has international action on climate change progressed since August 2012, when the Commission published its report The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change? The energy giants, China and the US, are accelerating the growing global momentum to tackle climate change. Every major economy is tackling climate change, setting in place policies to drive down emissions and increase renewable energy investment and capacity. Australia is a part of this movement, for example almost doubling renewable energy capacity from 2001 to 2012. But there’s more work to get on with to insure ourselves against the serious risks posed by climate change: the earlier such action is underway, the less disruptive and costly it will be.


Five Key Facts

  1. The world is moving to tackle climate change. More needs to be done but momentum is growing.
  2. Australia is a major player and is important in shaping the global response.
  3. We already have the technologies we need to tackle climate change.
  4. It is in Australia’s national interest to tackle climate change.
  5. The global momentum achieved this decade will set the long-term foundations for tackling climate change effectively.