Thanks for standing up for science

13.09.17 By
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The Australian Government is trying to push through reforms that will tell us how to spend your donations.

The proposed reforms include directing all environmental charities to spend at least 25% of their funds on direct environmental remediation, such as tree planting and weed control.

Almost 5,000 of you have emailed your MP or made phone calls to their electorate offices to voice your opposition to these changes.

Thank you so much.

Restricting the way that charities spend their funds is draconian and anti-democratic. Charities are experts in their issue area and should independently decide their activities.

Research, education, communications, media and advocacy undertaken by environmental charities, like the Climate Council, is critical and shouldn’t be undermined.

We’ll keep fighting on this issue, and generating as much media coverage as possible, like this article from our Chief Councillor Tim Flannery.

But we can’t keep up the fight against a well-resourced opposition without your backing.

Can you chip in to fight back against this attack on charities?