Summer Outlook Webinar

22.12.20 By
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To end the year, we hosted one last Champions webinar focused on the summer weather outlook.

Climate Council researcher Dr Simon Bradshaw and Emergency Leaders for Climate Action member Rosemary Milkins PSM held an exclusive webinar for the Climate Council Champions.

Dr Simon Bradshaw took us through what weather we can expect to see across Australia this summer, and importantly what forces are driving these conditions. Drawing on her experience as a former Deputy Commissioner and Chief Executive of Fire & Rescue NSW, Rosemary Milkins shared her learnings on why we react to emergency situations in the way that we do and how best to prepare ourselves in the face of bushfires, floods and storms.

Who are the Climate Council Champions?

Our Climate Champions program provides community donors with the opportunity to provide a significant annual contribution of $1,000 or more to the Climate Council.

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