Stories of Solutions

29.06.18 By
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Together, we’ve told a story of hope. We’ve shared stories of solutions from right across Australia. We’ve unearthed characters whose voices might not have been heard otherwise.

We’ve visited ghost towns that have become thriving renewable hubs, vibrant locals in Broken Hill where their mining town has transformed into a solar town, Elvis lovers in Parkes who want a little more climate action, and even a conservative Mayor in Lancaster, California, who is turning the city into a renewables powerhouse.

These stories have created a vision of hope for now and the future. They’ve shown us that an economy powered by large-scale renewables is not just possible, but the transition is already under way.

And these stories are working. 

But we can’t slow down, or take our eye off the ball. We need to keep pushing. Because we can’t afford to be pulled backward and for climate action to be stifled at this critical point.