State of the Environment Report: Australia’s climate performance poor

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THE RELEASE of the State of the Environment Report today shows Australia’s poor performance on climate change with pollution rising and climate impacts being felt nation wide.

The independent report, released every 5 years, outlines an urgent need for Australia to implement overarching national policies to protect the environment and manage the impact of climate change to the year 2050.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie echoed the report’s recommendations, saying the Federal Government’s response to dealing with climate change continues to fall short.

“On all markers for climate change are poor the report shows that Australia is performing poorly.”

“Australia’s pollution continues to go up and up driving global warming. This is a very significant failure of Government policy. Australians are seeing the consequences with the vast bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef and intense heat over summer.”

“Climate change is responsible for the Great Barrier Reef’s worst coral bleaching event in history that caused a 67% mortality rate on the northern section. Yet, the Government’s response has been to improve water quality. It doesn’t matter how clean the water is if it is too hot for coral to survive. ”

“Similarly support for new coal mines and infrastructure are fundamentally incompatible with tackling climate change and protecting the Great Barrier Reef.”

The report outlines intensifying climate change is placing increasing pressure on the Australian environment, affecting ecosystems, human wellbeing, heritage and the economy.

McKenzie said this report demonstrates that the Federal Government is failing Australians on urgent and sustainable environmental policy.

McKenzie said the fingerprints of intensifying climate change could be seen through severe and frequent extreme weather events across Australia.

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