Roadmap to Nowhere

28.02.20 By
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ENERGY MINISTER ANGUS Taylor has announced details of the Federal Government’s so-called ‘technology roadmap’, which plans to put the interests of fossil fuel producers ahead of the interests of Australians.

“This technology roadmap is Mr Taylor’s way of delaying serious action on climate change, leaving credible emissions reductions to his eventual replacement,” said Climate Councillor and former head of BP Australasia, Greg Bourne.

The Federal Government has signaled a move away from investing in the solutions we already have at our disposal – wind and solar – to technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen.

“Carbon Capture and Storage is incredibly expensive. It is not a climate solution, but an attempt to prolong the role of fossil fuels in the energy system. Hydrogen produced using renewables is a good idea, but the Government has hinted it will use fossil fuels to make hydrogen,” Mr Bourne said.

“Australians have just lived through a horrendous summer, made much more severe by climate change. There is only one way to turn this around and that is to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Where is the plan to do that?” he said.

“While the government sidelines investment in clean and affordable renewable energy, this ‘roadmap’ will lead to more fires, higher power bills, stranded assets and ultimately job losses,” Mr Bourne said.

“Australia has the solutions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions. We must stop propping up the fossil fuel industry and we must instead accelerate the transition to renewables and storage,” he said.

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